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  • escarpment black cherry
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  • Q2 Employee Award Raised Discoids

Light flows through the center of these mounted rounds of Escarpment Black Cherry and Pithy Cypress wood to highlight the intricate beauty of each piece.

Raised Escarpment Black Cherry Discoids:
Lying on the ground or still standing (but dead for years, nonetheless) these Escarpment Black Cherry rounds have been resurrected on treated steel posts mounted on Gummy Cherry bases to become objects d’ art… and, for one client, distinctive trophies, with the addition of serialized laser engraving.

Raised Pithy Cypress Discoid:
I’m not sure which flood deposited the 70-foot tree into Lake Travis, but it was beached on our shoreline in 2007. Up to this point, the section I was able to recover has been transformed into tables, Lazy Susans and art when mounted on treated steel posts. The base is Mesquite laminated top and bottom with Gummy Cherry. The finish is low-gloss Tung Oil that helps to stabilize the lacy center section while keeping a soft natural look.

Employee Awards:
A local Austin company commissioned more than three dozen custom pieces, each featuring the company’s logo, employee’s name and corresponding award/distinction. provided all engraving.